It is November.. Time to Analyze

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It is November.. Time to Analyze

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It’s November, and it means the official start of the busy holiday season. In fact, many retailers depend on holiday shopping as a very large percentage of their main revenue for the year.

This is the time corporations are evaluating revenue projections versus actuals, expenditure budgets, and taxes.

It is November.. Time to AnalyzeThe tool for producing the financial reports needed for evaluations is your business management software, also known as ERP.  Your ERP has diligently recorded every invoice, cash receipt, inventory purchases, vendor invoices and more. Maybe it is time to examine the actual tool itself, and compare its capabilities to what else is out there.

Here’s an easy way to determine your ERP’s, technological generation gap factor. Divide its age by 1.5 (18 months is considered a generation.) For example, if you have not upgraded your system since 2000, you are 10.6 generations behind. To put things into perspective, the first iPhone was introduced in 2007!

WAC Solution Partners, Greater Los Angeles is offering a FREE business management analysis. We delve into the current processes, compare them to similar businesses and best practices, then present the options. Sometimes, there is no real need to upgrade.  There may be an enhancement to the current processes, replacing a manual labor intensive process with a software solution, or designing a custom report. However, if management is considering an upgrade or a replacement of their current system, we are prepared to compare the pros and cons of the different solutions, based on the findings in our analysis.  WAC will then recommend the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business.

Food for Thought:

  1. What is the ROI of replacing your ERP system?
  2. Is the current technology helping you manage your business efficiently?
  3. Are your team members spinning their wheels doing repetitive work that could be replaced by automation?

We are WAC Solution Partners, a national company with offices in 13 major cities. Each one of our consultants and business analysts has a minimum of 20 years experience.

Call the Greater Los Angeles office at (213) 262-2565 for a FREE system evaluation and analysis.

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