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Abila Grant Management – Maximize your Funding Potential

As a former Board Treasurer for a medium sized non-profit organization, I have firsthand experience with Grant Management. During my term as the non-profits Board Treasurer, a major portion of the organizations funding was based on a few annual grants. One day during a Board meeting, the Executive Director told us that we were losing our largest grant source because the appropriate paperwork had not been filed on-time with the funding agency. This filing error was a costly mistake the non-profit could have avoided with a low-cost grant management system in place. Thankfully, after five challenging years, the non-profit is still in business today.  Let’s take a look how an affordable grant management system like Abila Grant Management could help non-profits like in this example avoid costly mistakes and maximize profits.

How Does Abila Grant Management Maximize Funding Potential for Non-Profits?

Abila Grant Management is a web based solution which combines development, contact, and financial data to improve grant pipeline oversight while optimizing success tracking. The software helps nonprofit and government organizations provide transparency at the organization, program, and grant levels. Efficient reporting and trend analysis results in organizations and agencies that are better equipped to serve their missions, constituents, and communities.

What Does Abila Grant Management Do?

  1. Manages the Grant Pipeline – This functionality ensures that the grant pipeline is flowing at maximum capacity with the highest level of efficiency.
  2. Does More With Less A full array of tools are offered to build efficiencies, increase visibility, strengthen collaboration, and leverage time.
  3. Manages Contacts and Communication Take advantage of an integrated contact management system to capture event details, track next steps, and provide users with an easy-to-understand flow of communications.
  4. Tracks Data and Providing Accurate Reports Integrated or standalone financial management captures all critical data for improved reporting and balance tracking. Grant and program-specific reporting on budgets, success and performance.
  5. Measures Success Integrated scoreboards, built-in outcome performance, success measures that will keep development staff and program managers focused on their top priorities.
  6. Delivers Management Efficiency Customized collaboration tools deliver management efficiency, visibility, and shared access for key areas of responsibility.
  7. Creates Effective Grant Applications Applications will have a greater impact on funders with better defined success measurement plans, comprehensive item- and financial based budgets.
  8. Integrates With Accounting- Sage Grant Management has seamless integration to Abila MIP Fund Accounting, but also will work with other accounting systems.

This is just a summary description of some of the benefits of  Abila Grant Management solution. To get a more detailed description of Abila Grant Management visit our website at: https://www.caserv.com/non-profit/ or call us at 760-460-9205.

The Grant Professionals Association (GPA), a premier membership organization of grant professionals, has endorsed Abila Grant Management solution.

Written by Mike Renner, Partner WAC Solution Partners and Certified Grant Management Consultant.Abila-grant-management-web-icon

Mike is an expert on Abila Grant Management with over 25 years in the accounting software industry. Mike is also a Certified Trainer and a recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of ERP systems, including Abila.

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