Re: Sage 100 What is the Administrator Password and how do we reset it?

//Re: Sage 100 What is the Administrator Password and how do we reset it?

Re: Sage 100 What is the Administrator Password and how do we reset it?


Mike: We own Sage 100 (formally MAS90/200), during a recent upgrade we found out we needed the Administrator Password for Sage 100, what is this Password for and how to we reset it?

Answer: The Administrator login is used to set Users, Companies, Roles, reset the Administrator Password. The Administrator Password is also needed when upgrading from one version to a newer version:


The IT Company could have been changed or an employee that has the Administrator password has left the company, so it is important to keeps records of this password. If you cannot find it assistance can be provide from your Sage Certified Reseller or you can contact Sage Support Directly.


1. Support Plan and Contact: Must have a valid support agreement or be working in conjunction with a Sage Business Partner; and you must be a valid contact listed on your Customer Account. If you are not on the Authorized Contact list, please contact Sales at (800) 854-3415.

2. Create a Support Ticket: First create a support ticket on-line, or call in to create a support ticket. (If calling: the number is (800) 854-3415. Please call on a weekday between 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time, select Customer Support, and enter your Account Number when prompted).

3. Fill out the Employee Declaration: Complete the attached Employee Declaration form – including the Support Ticket Number – and fax or e-mail the document to Sage.

Send the Form:

* Fax: The fax number for Sage Customer Support is located on the Employee Declaration form. If you have a cover sheet, please also include your Account Number and Ticket Number. a. E-mail: The form can be scanned and e-mailed to Please include your Account Number and Support Ticket Number in the e-mail Subject line

4. Call In: The process to reset the Administrator password is interactive. Please call in at least a few minutes after sending in the fax or e-mail. The number is (800) 854-3415. Please call on a weekday between 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time, select Customer Support, and enter the Ticket Number when prompted.

Copy of Employee Declaration Form is below:

employee dec


Written by Mike Renner, WAC Solution Partners, Palm Desert

For other questions regarding Sage 100, please contact Mike Renner 760-618-1395.

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    The best day to end an auction is Sunday. on sundays, A lot more people work than any other day of the week. For the alternative reason, Fridays and Saturdays are a bad day to end dealer. Pacific daily Time. the reason this is that it is not too early for people on the west coast and not too late for the people on the east coast to participate in your auction. A refund policy will give your buyers the reassurance that if an item that you sell them arrives broken or defective that you stand behind your product or service. at the same time, to produce any damage to the item you are selling, Be sure to describe it accurately keep in mind that describing the item that you are selling. Starting your auction at a low price will encourage people to bid on your auction.

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    EBay is number one worldwide place, to exit items by auction and fixed sales. on the fact 1995, This online site has been accessible to people to sell incredible place to sell old or new items.

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    Novak Djokovic marked his go back to Serbia, After being stranded in the Spanish resort of Marbella for two months effect coronavirus lockdown, By announcing that he has organised an event which is contested across the Balkans.

    When the world number one had went to Marbella with his family in mid March to visit his younger brother Marko, He had no idea it becomes much easier another two months before he could return to his homeland on Sunday.

    many other players, I was able to train virtually every day because we resided in a house with a tennis court, A tanned Djokovic told a news office meeting at his private tennis complex in downtown Belgrade by the Danube river.

    Refrained from posting clips on social networks because I didn want to infuriate other players. I am fit and in good shape, So I am pumped up about the Adria Tour, Which I am setting up. Open plate Djokovic, Who went on an 18 0 run at the start of the season, Confirmed there would be three big names apart from himself at the June 13 July 5 match.

    Am joyful that Dominic Thiem, Grigor Dimitrov and Alexander Zverev will be my guests here in my hometown, Said the 17 times major winner.

    Is the first time any of them will be playing here and I will do my way through my power to be a good host.

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