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Time and Billing Software Consultant

Track employees’ activities on billable projects and produce detailed invoices.
All this done with Time and Billing module for Sage 100 (formerly known as MAS 90 & 200)
Track your employees’ activities on all billable projects and produce detailed billing invoices for your clients with Time and Billing. This tool provides the necessary time/expense entry and invoicing features needed by Law Firms, CPAs, Consultants or any business that bills clients based on time.
Time and Billing enables you to:
  • track employee time for accurate invoicing
  • enhance service to your clients and increasing overall efficiency
  • improves company profitability
  • maintains your competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Why Hire a Time and Billing Software Consultant?

The standard Time and Billing module does not require integration with any specific Sage 100 module. You can integrate Time and Billing with the Accounts Payable, General Ledger and/or Bank Reconciliation modules.

In addition you can post work in process time to the General Ledger module;

  • enter billable expenses in Accounts Payable and have them post back to Time and Billing work in process;
  • and record all Time and Billing deposits in the Bank Reconciliation module.

If you already own the Accounts Receivable module, you should look into Time and Billing Professional, which is tightly integrated with AR.

Time/Expense Entry

Change the names of the Clients, Engagements, Employees and Work Codes fields in the Time and Billing module to match your company’s terminology. For example, “Engagements” can be called “Matters” in a law firm or “Projects” in a consulting firm. This easy-to-use feature minimizes the learning curve for your employees. Time and Billing also produces detailed billing invoices that can be customized for specific clients.

Features & Benefits


  • Customizable invoices provide your clients with fee and expense information in a detailed or summary format by date, work code or category.
  • Multiple billing addresses can be maintained by client and engagement under each client. Therefore eliminating repetitive data entry and speeding up your billing process.
  • Multiple bank accounts allow you to process deposits for up to 36 bank accounts per company.
  • Use Work Codes to group and identify each type of service, work and reimbursable expense that you want to track for billing and reporting purposes.
  • Use Engagements to track separate work activities for a single client and assign different fee arrangements, billing rates, billing formats and budgets.
  • Determine billing rates that can be used for each activity and assign up to 10 separate billing rates for each employee.
  • A Terminated Employee Flag helps you avoid data entry mistakes by notifying a user that assigns work to a terminated employee.
  • Select reports included with the system or design your own with Crystal Reports® or any ODBC-compliant application.

Track Time

  • Time and Billing’s extensive management reporting capabilities help you to better analyze the profitability of your engagements and the productivity of your employees.
  • Track and report time and expenses for each Client, Engagement, Employee and Work Code.
  • Determine how your employees’ time is spent, and examine the aging of client invoices and work in process.
  • Develop schedules and budgets that are easy to understand.

Accurate Billing

  • Access to client information and billing history allows you to instantly respond to client billing inquiries.
  • Use Bill Text to enter additional text that describes the work performed for an engagement or other information pertaining to the billing.

Enhancing Sage 100 ERP Modules

  • Time and Billing integrates with multiple Sage 100 ERP modules:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • General Ledger
  • If you already own the Accounts Receivable module, consider Time and Billing Professional (which is tightly integrated with AR). We are your Time and Billing Software Consultant.


Time and Billing can be integrated with several Sage 100 ERP modules (including Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger), but does not require integration with any of them:

  • Time and Billing + Bank Reconciliation: Use the Bank Reconciliation module to record all deposit information from Time and Billing Cash Receipts/Write-Off Entry, as well as all checks printed or entered in the Accounts Payable and Payroll modules. As a result, you must only verify that the transactions recorded agree with your bank statement. Any discrepancies or missing information can be easily identified. Integrating with the Bank Reconciliation module ensures that monthly reconciliation of your bank statements will no longer be troublesome or time-consuming.
  • Time and Billing + Accounts Payable: Use the Accounts Payable module to post reimbursable fees and expenses directly into the current time and billing entries. During Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry and Manual Check Entry, you can enter expense information by employee, client, engagement or work code. The Invoice Register and Manual Check Register features in Accounts Payable will check for valid clients, engagements, employees, work codes and General Ledger line accounts set up in Time and Billing.
  • Time and Billing + General Ledger: If the General Ledger module is installed, all journal entries generated from Time and Billing are posted directly to the General Ledger. The financial statements and other General Ledger reports printed will reflect postings on the register.

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Looking for a Time and Billing Software Consultant? Time and Billing is perfect for any business that bills customers for time-based projects, especially Law Firms, CPAs and Consultants.