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F9 Financial Reporting SoftwareF9 Financial Reporting Software

The F9 reporting software offers easy-to-use Financial Reporting tools. The tools dynamically link General Ledger (GL) data to Microsoft Excel. Most importantly, all this is available for all the accounting and ERP systems supported by the WAC Solution Partners. By employing a combination of simple cell formulas in Excel, F9 allows any GL data to be formatted into any desired financial report. Most importantly, this allows a flexible and powerful environment of the spreadsheet. If you know Excel, you know F9 reporting software!

The most complete set of Financial Reporting tools

  • F9 Report Writer – Dynamically links your general ledger data to Microsoft Excel. While rapidly presenting a real-time view of business information with just the push of a button.
  • Viewer – Enable managers to view, recalculate and drill down into individualized reports on their own. Most importantly, without having to rely on the finance team to provide the information.
  • F9 Report Manager – Maintains a library of all scheduled and distributed F9 reports. Therefore providing a hierarchical view of organizational structure for which you run reports and managing them.

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Crystal Reports – Reports Drill Down Tool

A dynamic reporting solution that allows you to design, drill down and deliver reports. All available via the web, or embedded in enterprise applications.

  • Flexible report design – Create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports quickly with SAP Crystal Reports’ intuitive design interface and efficient workflows.
  • Mobile interactivity – When deployed through a platform such as Crystal Server, interactive reports are now available through your mobile devices.

  • Powerful delivery options – Deliver personalized reports to your business users’ preferred destination in their preferred language and format.

  • Expanded support for Microsoft Excel – XLSX export takes full advantage of the updated Excel file format by allowing more data to be exported to a single worksheet, without spanning multiple worksheets.

  • Broad data connectivity – Connect to information sources spread across the organization directly. Data sources include: Native, ODBC, OLE DB, and JDBC connectivity to relational, OLAP, Web services, XML, enterprise data sources, and salesforce.com.

  • Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash integration – Enable SAP Crystal Reports developers to produce powerful “mash-ups” pulling data from various sources.

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