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eCommerce Business Solution Provider

eCommerce touches many aspects of our lives today. It’s imperative to understand what is involved with eCommerce from the outset. Implementing and then maintaining your systems can take the help of a trained professional. If you are an eCommerce business solution provider and need training or support, call us!

  • eCommerceAre your customers frustrated that they have to pick up the phone to find out the status of their order, and do you wish you could offer them self-service functionality online?
  • Are you lagging behind your competitors in offering automated availability of products and firm shipping dates?
  • Have you integrated your stock replenishment with your back orders?
  • Do you have a good way of suggesting to your customers that it’s time to reorder an item when they log in to their account? Can you afford not to?
  • How can you afford not have an online storefront when a significant amount of market share is being captured online?

The eCommerce solutions that we recommend to our clients provide a broad range of functionality including:

  1. Present the information you want, the way you want it, with user-definable synchronization between your Web store and your accounting system.
  2.  Authorize transactions from customers automatically and register new Web customers instantly.
  3.  Access existing pricing, terms, and discounts for online purchases made by established customers.
  4.  Process online orders automatically by interacting with your accounting systems Order Entry.
  5.  Implement a common audit trail for all transactions.  Orders can then be audited either at the order entry module or on your web site.

Integration with your accounting system is important but if you are a manufacturer, so is integration with your manufacturing system. Such ecommerce integration leads to automatic order flows. Consequently, the work orders are generated that allow the product to be built to your customer’s exact specifications. All of this is done within the parameters you set up in manufacturing. The sales order is also linked to manufacturing software modules to create a soft bill of materials from the configured order.

As eCommerce business solution providers we have extensive experience implementing solutions such as WAC Services Exchange, EC Internet and Elevator for our clients.

Thank you for your interest in WAC Solution Partners – Palm Desert. You can reach us by calling us at 760-618-1395, or emailing at  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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