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Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Recently voted as Best Overall Nonprofit Accounting Software by financial managers nationwide!  Abila MIP Fund Accounting is the preferred nonprofit financial management solution to:

  • plan and manage budgets
  • maximize grants
  • produce accurate customized reports in minutes.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™  addresses the specific nonprofit financial management needs of organizations. It will accomplish the need to track and report on multiple funds. All this happens across multiple budget periods to meet reporting requirements and demonstrate accountability.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software is the award-winning nonprofit accounting software that allows you to:

  • Cut hours or days off your reporting cycle. Create the reports you need within the system, instead of manipulating data with external spreadsheets or fighting with complex external report-writing tools.
  • Customize the chart of accounts to access data quickly and easily for more efficient tracking and reporting.
  • Automate transaction entry with a variety of tools including memorized transactions, preset distributions, and entry defaults, to boost productivity and reduce errors.
  • Use the dynamic Drill-down Analyzer to “drill-down” to review the individual transactions that make up the balances on reports.
  • Make it easy for auditors to verify financial statement accuracy by maintaining a clear audit trail.
  • Built-in, Flexible Reporting.

Nonprofit & Government Fund Accounting and Reporting

The fund accounting and reporting demands of nonprofit and government organizations are unique. Therefore, WAC Solution Partners provides Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software’s powerful solutions developed specifically for these organizations. These solutions offer the same powerful processing and ease-of-use of our other business management solutions. In addition, there are unique functionalities and reporting capabilities needed to excel in the nonprofit and government sectors.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software Provides Built in and Flexible Reporting

Nonprofits can’t afford to jeopardize crucial funding.  Therefore, they need to deliver on the stringent grant reporting requirements of foundations and government agencies. Abila MIP Fund Accounting software provides a flexible, built-in report writer that helps you easily create reports. Additionally, these will meet the varying requirements of funding sources, internal management, and your board.

What else can Abila MIP Fund Accounting do?

  • Produce a wide selection of standard nonprofit financial management reports, such as FASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements.
  • Allows for a report on multiple fiscal years in the same report or create custom reports that cross fiscal years.
  • Format custom reports to your exact specifications.
  • Write dynamic financial statements directly in the application, without the help of a programmer or consultant.
  • Create your own report templates. Set up an unlimited number of financial statements, preview them onscreen, and save them for future use.
  • Produce 990 worksheets to assist in the compilation of your annual federal form 990.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Module Options

The modular structure of this nonprofit accounting software gives you the freedom to tailor the system to fit your specific needs. All this while maintaining the flexibility to add modules as your organization and its needs evolve. Every one of the modules are fully integrated with the General Ledger and complement each other for a solid fund accounting solution.

How Can WAC Solution Partners Help?

We are pros that can make the process of implementing Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software easy and productive. Additionally we can help you with any other accounting software need you might have. So, thank you for your interest in WAC Solution Partners.

You can reach us by calling us at 760-618-1395, or emailing at info@caserv.com.  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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