Sage 100 – Review of how to process Credit Card Payments.

//Sage 100 – Review of how to process Credit Card Payments.

Sage 100 – Review of how to process Credit Card Payments.

We have had some questions recently about processing vendor Credit Cards, thought it would be worth republishing this blog.

Question: How do with process Credit Cards in Accounts Payable and Transfer Invoices to the Credit Card.

The normal process is, you receive your credit card statement at the end of the month, have paid several vendors that have invoice files as well as line items for expenses such as meals or travel expenses and you want to pay the With Credit Card invoice with a check.

  • First make sure your Credit Card vendor is set up, you do this by clicking the Credit Card Vendor check box. Accounts Payable>Main>Vendor Maintenance. 
  • Next: Accounts Payable>Main>Invoice Data Entry: Set the invoice date to be the Credit Card Ending data and the invoice number to be the data, in this case 05302025. 
  • Next for the lines where you have Vendor Invoices that you want to transfer to the Credit Card Invoice: Go to the lines tab and click the white box to the left of the Quick Row. This will open the Purchase Vendor Transfer box, then you can select the Vendor, Invoice and Amount, Click Ok and it will put that Transaction on the line. 
  • For other lines that just need General Ledger coding and note such as gas and travel expenses, you can just enter those on the line. 
  • Once all lines are entered on the Credit Card invoice, you can Accept and Run the Accounts Payable Invoice Register and Daily Transaction Journal. Then Pay the Invoice on a Check run through Manual Check or Check Selection and Post all the Transaction, and the Accounting Trail will follow.

If you have questions, please contact us. Please stay tuned for more helpful Sage 100 tips and tricks.

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