How to write a simple blog

//How to write a simple blog

How to write a simple blog

So thought would throw a message out, how to write a blog, since am speaking about the subject at our WAC Solutions Partner meeting in San Diego in March.

Writing and doing blogs to me always seemed like a task that I did not really want to do, but realizing it helps with your marketing and credibility. Have been writing blogs for about 4 years now. In todays world for me it is usually some issue or problem am working on with a client anyway and have to document something for them, so just go one step further and turn it into a blog. Like today a client asked me how to export data from Sage 100 (formally MAS90) out into a report, and walked her through it and then blogged the article. We have WordPress as our website software with a blog page so can add to the pages as needed. Then once it is out there , you can also post out to all the social media sites.

Here are a few recent blogs all can be found on or

1) How to Run Reports in Crystal Reports. Simple walk though for a customer that has a Crystal report we built for them.

2) Stop Paperless Office Hangups in Sage 100 (formally), this one is an example of something we run into almost every-time we install Paperless Office, so now we have a step by step process to follow:

3) Examples of 3 typical clients, again took info that was already putting together for a talk did a few weeks ago.

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